About the Radboud Biobank

The Radboud Biobank was established in 2012 with the goal of providing an infrastructure within the Radboud university medical centre for the collection, storage and management of biomaterial and the matching clinical data. The construction is based on the model developed for this purpose by the Parelsnoer Institute (PSI). It is expected that the scientific data created with the help of this infrastructure will lead to improved health in patients and reinforce the position of biomedical research in Nijmegen.


Patients - an integral part

Without the trust and participation of patients, it is impossible to establish a good collection. Therefore, patients are closely involved in the affairs of the Radboud Biobank. The chairman of the Radboud Biobank Advisory Council is a patient representative (appointed by the CRAZ), disease-specific patient groups are involved in departmental research and there is a web portal in the making for donors of the Radboud Biobank (ELSI app). Patients are also represented in the Research Ethics Committee. Thus, the privacy of the patient, the quality of the collection and the reliability of the resulting scientific research is ensured. A short film was developed to inform patients regarding the Radboud Biobank.

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