The Radboud Biobank is a technology platform within the Department of Laboratory Medicine. The Board of Directors of the Radboud UMC is accountable for and appoints the director of the Radboud Biobank. This director composes a Management Team (MT) consisting of the necessary support and expertise needed for the Radboud Biobank. The day to day running of the biobank is the responsibility of the Department of Laboratory Medicine. The Advisory Council, appointed by the Board of Directors, is responsible for policies and procedures. The Board of Directors is also represented in the Advisory Council. The management team ensures that the (sub)-biobank activities are reported to the Advisory Council on a yearly basis.

Radboud Biobank regulations
Radboud Biobank scientific autonomy

Right of say over biomaterial and clinical data stored in the Radboud Biobank
The biomaterial and the clinical data in the Radboud Biobank are entrusted by patients to the department/chain/consortium (further referred to as the subbiobank) for future research. There is no question of ownership but there is a right of say. The patient transfers his/her right of say to the sub-biobank by signing the informed consent.

The subbiobank owns the collection and the Radboud biobank manages the biomaterial and clinical data. Department heads, heath chain owners and consortium leaders are the formal points of address for the Radboud Biobank. There is a formal agreement between the subbiobank and the Radboud Biobank wherein the inclusion, the nature and management of the collection, the storage and distribution are laid down.