Request samples

Biomaterial and clinical data from the Radboud Biobank are available to serious researchers with a relevant hypothesis and a good research plan. The research should directly or indirectly contribute to medical innovation.            
A university medical centre can only excel in research that opens up new horizons by cooperating with national and international research institutes and businesses. The opportunities to turn biomaterial from biobanks into cash, or for patents, licences or spin-off businesses are extremely limited but cooperation with the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries is necessary for the realization of medical innovation. Each request for use of Radboud Biobank samples is tested by an independent scientific rewiew board. Only requests from researchers employed by the Radboud UMC are accepted, but cooperation with other researchers, including those working in the health industry, is warmly welcomed.
To ensure that independent decision making takes place and that commercial interests play no direct role in the governing of the Radboud Biobank, there is no representation of the health industry in the Advisory Board.

Application procedure for biomaterial and clinical data
Scientific and Ethical Review - Background information

For more information please contact Dr. Peggy Manders.